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Group Facilitation / Training

Available to help support groups, to look at where your group currently is, where they would like to go and how they envisage getting there. 


Individuals within  the groups will have different personalities, we recognise this. We work in a way that is respectful and accepting to all the participants. we provide an open and learner centred approach, supporting your group members to take responsibility for their own learning, whilst aiming towards creatively meeting objectives that reflect individual needs.


Depending on topics, your individual requirements may be better suited to either a small or large group. This can be facilitated within CORE NI or at separate group venues such as community groups, GP practices, schools, colleges, universities or workplaces.


Examples of training packages at CORE NI:


Increasing Confidence and Self Esteem

Spring Forward

Winter Wonder Woman

Self Care Programmes

Mindfulness Programmes

Building Resilient Life Skills Programme

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