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Personal Creative Services Testimonials.


These are a few of the numerous unsolicited testimonials which have been received.

Client confidentiality is always respected.

Client names and any identifiable details have been removed.

"I want to say a big thank you for helping me cope and get through this difficult time in my life. You have helped me to see things differently. I now know that talking things through with someone who listens really does help. From the bottom of my heart - Thanks."


"Thank you so much for listening. Your patience and understanding have definitely helped me over the past couple of months."


"I got so much from our Personal Therapy sessions. They have been really helpful to me on a personal level and also as a counselling student. I hope once I'm qualified I will do just as well."


"Your help, support, patience and kindness have enabled me to get where I am today. I am certain that many more will be touched by your gentle understanding and soothing spirit."


"Your courses have helped me to become more confident. I am now more assertive than I have ever been in 40+ years!! I want to continue focusing on my self care and building on my self - esteem. Thank you so much."


"I really enjoyed the courses. Very relaxed, great fun, new friendships. Only thing I would change (a positive really) is to make them even longer. The time just flew in!"


"Was great to hear of other's experiences in the group. Sharing my story with other people, in a really safe place, helped me to see that I am not on my own."


"I feel that I benefited a lot from my counselling. It allowed for self reflection, enabling me to learn so much about myself. Thank you for providing such a great service. I felt very comfortable and always looked forward to our sessions."


"Among the many benefits of my sessions was knowing that every week I had that hour just to myself, to be totally listened to."


"I loved the counselling room at CORE NI. This was my safe haven. A really relaxing, warm, gentle and quiet space. Such great comf chairs. Always left my sessions feeling really positive, uplifted and refreshed."


"Was great to be able to talk in a safe environment. A non-judgemental, friendly, knowledgeable counsellor who helped me to progress in such a positive way. A highly skilled counsellor who enabled me to enhance my personal and professional development. Thank you"


"I have gained a lot more insight into myself. Now realise that I've nothing to fear by talking through my worries, problems and difficulties with such a passionate and understanding counsellor. Thank you so much for your time and the positive experience which I, without a doubt, will pass on to others."


I attended Diane's spring forward group as it instantly appealed to me. Diane offered a welcoming environment. From here I joined the winter group and engaged in the assertiveness class. I found the groups enjoyable,informative and learnt tools to handle the stressful situations I was facing in life. After this I accessed 1:1 counselling. I would highly recommend Diane. It can be daunting accessing counselling but Diane provides a safe space to explore some of the difficult challenges I was experiencing in a non judgemental way. I would without a doubt recommend Diane for support and guidance. Thank you Diane. You are a very talented lady and helped me see the wood from the trees!

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